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The bridge hook creates an ethernet bridge which acts as an unmanaged network switch. It contains one or multiple physical network interfaces or virtual devices which will be connected to each other.

The bridge hook is the preferred hook for local area network zones which are connected to an ethernet network.


The following options are understood:


By this option, you may define the MAC address of the bridge. If this option is missing, a random MAC address will be generated.


Sets the default MTU of the bridge. All ports in the bridge must support this MTU value.


This option enables or disables use of the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). This protocol is used to avoid loops in networks by dynamically disabling packet forwarding on links.
It is highly recommended to leave this option enabled when you add more than one device to the zone. Read below how the behaviour of STP can be changed.

Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1D) configuration options:


This sets the default time the interfaces are hold off after they have been added to a bridge. The default value is 0.


This option defines how often a hello message should be sent. The value is given in seconds and the default is 2.


The STP priority sets the ranking of this network device within the network. The bridge with the best rank (0 is best) will become the root bridge.


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