network-zone-config-pppoe-server - PPPoE Server Settings


network zone ZONE config create pppoe-server ...
network zone ZONE config pppoe-server edit ...


This configuration hook enables a PPPoE Server on a zone.


The following options are understood:


The --subnet option defines an IPv4 pool of which IP addresses are assigned to the remote hosts. The first address of the subnet will be used for the gateway which is the PPPoE server itself.
The subnet must at least have two IP addresses.


Set the required MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) for the PPP connection. The default value is 1492 bytes which is a common MTU for DSL connections.

--service-name=SERVICE NAME

This option receives a string which will be used as the service name. The service name is sent out to the clients and used for identification but not authorisation purposes.
The default is an empty value.


Limit the number of sessions that may be established by the same MAC address. This must be a positive number. 0 permits an unlimited number of sessions per MAC address.


This command creates a PPPoE server that will assign an IP address from the subnet:

network zone net0 config create pppoe-server --subnet=


Michael Tremer