network-zone-modem - Configure serial modems


network zone new ZONE modem ...


The modem hook uses a serial interface to establish a PPP session to an Internet Service Provider. This method is used by 56k modems and mobile networks like LTE, GSM and 3G.


The following options are understood:


Sets the serial device that is used to connect. Example: /dev/ttyUSB0


The optional monitor device is used to collect status information like signal strength and link quality while the connection is established.


Set the IMSI of the SIM card inside the wireless modem to identify it when it is plugged in at runtime.


The PIN number of the SIM card. This will be used to unlock the SIM card when it is locked.


Sets the Access Point Name (APN) that the modem connects to.


Sets the phone number that is dialled by the modem when the connection is to be established.


Sets the username for authentication.


Sets the password for authentication.
Use the --auth= option to transmit it in a secure manner to the provider.


The baudrate for the serial link to the modem.


Sets the default MTU of the PPP connection.


Define the authentication method that is used to authenticate against your provider. The default is to use the provider’s preference.

  • Challange-Handshake Authentication Protocol (chap) is the preferred, secure method.

  • Password Authentication Protocol (pap) sends the plaintext password to the authentication server which is the reason why it should be avoided.


Michael Tremer