network-device - Controls network devices


network device COMMAND …


The network device command shows low-level status information of network devices and other things.


The following commands are understood:


This command shows a list of all device that are currently present on this system. This includes PHYs and serial devices as well.

DEVICE discover

Runs a discovery for many hooks on the given device.

This will check if the hook can find for example a DHCP server or
DSLAM and thus predict for what the device should be used.
DEVICE identify

This command only works for Ethernet adapters and will make those that support this feature flash for a few seconds.

It is handy to find the right device to put the cable in.
DEVICE monitor

This command creates a monitor interface for wireless modules.

An instance of link:tcpdump[8] will be started and show all
frames that are sent or received on the 802.11 layer (layer 2).
DEVICE status

This will show you very detailed information about the given device.

DEVICE unlock

This command will unlock the SIM card in a modem. Only serial devices are supported which are the most 4G or 3G modems.

For the PIN or PUK code, the user will be prompted.


Michael Tremer